I'm Not Clever Enough To Think Of Good Sci-Fi Jokes

Seriously. I was struggling my ass off to come of with good names for future concepts back in my school days, hence why pretty much every story I've ever written has a modern-day setting with relatively modern-day concepts. Nonetheless, if you're coming to a link under the 'galleries' section of my site for wondrous stories of my youth, get a brain. Or e-mail me with a request to hear butchered accounts of dumb stuff that has happened in my life in a fourth category.

What you see below you is what is going to eventually become a beast that cannot be contained, inasmuch as we're talking about a total of 26 episodes (13 for Divergence Eve, 13 for Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles). There is probably somewhat of an inherent streak of misguided thinking in the decision to make Toshinara Yamashita (remember him from a few others? Burn-up W/x? Amazing Nurse Nanako? There are few sounds sweeter than that of a new dawning bestowed upon mankind.) the character designer of the series. This is NOT due to the fact that having well-designed, well-endowed, sexy characters seriously destroys the anime in question and turns it into mindless fanservice by simple virtue of the characters being busty and cute. Seriously, certain people who instantly knock what seem like well-thought-out series into the pit of suckitude simply because the characters, uh, look GOOD, are idiots who require execution in order to bring the quality of thinking amongst the human race back up to acceptable levels. In fact, you know what I'd do to [large portion of rant deleted due to irrational digression, fear of arrest, and the fact that I can't come up with any good jokes while trying to code in an update a week later than promised] involving the ass cavity. So fuck lolicon.

Uh... yeah. Divergence Eve. Girls be pretty.

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