'Cause Dancing is Awesome

Jungle de Ikou is a bouncy little show, and it takes great pride in that fact. Nowhere is it more evident than in how the two main girls use their powers- dancing.

What happens when you have REALLY big boobs, and you attempt to dance?

TygerStar again shows the denser of us. Thanks, buddy.

This is Mii during one of her lowest-impact dance moves.
Hell, this is Mii BREATHING!!
Mii feels SHOCK!! It happens when your opponent suddenly shrinks to Mini-Me proportions.
How that poor top manages to survive Mii's dancing shall forever elude me.
Rongo gets jiggy with it, too. This is one of her more humorous dances.
The gal has some fast legs.
Rongo's got a nice shake on her, too.
Man, I'm SO glad Ness didn't teleport like this back in Earthbound.
Do I detect a slight bit of 'teh jealousy' in Mii? I think I might...
And just LOOK at her go. You can TELL Rongo loves th' dancing.

Let's boogie to the main page. I'll lead.