"A New Rival"

Before I begin showing you this comic, there are a few things I would like to mention.

-As much as I WISH I drew this, I did not. A site fan named Pablo did this for me. This is the story behind that...
A few years ago, my friend asked me if there was a comic idea he wanted me to draw. This was before the days of my (pathetic) attempts at spoofing doujinshi, and actually during the VERY early times of my site, so I thought that a fight between Yuka and Elena would be cool. He asked if I could write a script for the fight, which I did (it's pages 11-24). He wound up being VERY impressed by it, and asked if I'd like to write the rest of the dialogue in the story, which I decided to do. A good 10 pages of storyline was added to the front, and one page to the back (his idea, not mine), and I wrote the dialogue for everything I saw. Afterwards, I posted it here.

-What this means:
The only part of the storyline I had a hand in was the actual Yuka/Elena fight.
Despite that, the dialogue written was all my own.
The drawing parts were all my friend's doing.

-Miscellaneous tips:
Yes, I know it LOOKS like you're going to see Manami naked because of page 5, keep reading, damnit! There's no Manami nakey in THIS comic!
Yes, I was the person who wrote out how page 24 ends up. I'm just full of surprises.
Yes, you are going to see nipples in this comic. I didn't want to stifle my friend's work because in the context of the comic, it's pretty much necessary. This does NOT mean that any nipple pictures go anywhere else, so SORRY, but hang that idea up now.

That's everything. Enjoy the comic!

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