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A few unfortunate incidents have led to detailing Miss Rei only as "Lost", and for that the staff here at The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Severe Waste of Time sends out its heartfelt condolences. While we are sad to see her go, we are glad to know that she has proven helpful to many lives during her short tenure with this humble site.

However, we note continued interest in the "Ask" service provided on this site, and for that, we have managed to convince the Yuka Takeuchi Fan himself to pick up the slack in her absence. He promises to answer more than three questions every eighteen months, although further requests were met with "shut up and let me play Star Control 2", making us question our decision.

We are nonetheless keeping our heads held high and are convinced that the Yuka Takeuchi Fan will respond to your questions with the respect your questions deserve!

Disclaimer: Yuka Takeuchi Fan does not claim that any advice he gives is to ever be taken seriously, given his incredible interest in "cleaning out the gene pool", and any comments he makes leading to this conclusion are best not followed. Yuka Takeuchi Fan reserves the right to ruthlessly mock excessively stupid questions because, let's face it, some people's questions just don't deserve respect, although he will TOTALLY feign respect with the correct prodding, and by that we of course mean bribes. Questions that in any way, shape or form include a request for the location of Milk Junkies have been known to lead to property damage, injury to life and limb, and in certain undocumented cases, death. Did we mention that Yuka Takeuchi Fan really does not like that question and wishes to never be asked that again? We are sure we have. So don't. Yuka Takeuchi Fan has also been known to pad underused features with questions he made up himself in a desperate attempt to feign a fanbase. Should Yuka Takeuchi Fan receive too many questions in a given time period, he may not respond to certain e-mails. Surprised we actually threw in a useful notice? We are too. Yuka Takeuchi Fan also has no intention of paying for the glasses you will soon need to be wearing after you finish reading this.

Want to ask Y.T.F. a question? Go for broke over at
"askytf (at) gmail (periodical) com" !

Disclaimer: Yuka Takeuchi Fan would support the public genocide of any and all spammers. Don't pretend you wouldn't, you lying wannabe moral high ground taker you.

Date A Brief Glance
January 2008 Y.T.F. takes the gloves off, and explains a few things about his name's origins. He also takes on cliches, bad video games, and even takes on taking on others. Questions all posted from various imaginary friends named after his old "Worms: Armageddon" characters.

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