You know what? The show said it better than I possibly could myself. Let's use what was said.
Big. BIG. BIG! Big-Boing.

The EXACT phrase, used in episode 49 of Konjiki no Gash Bell, and again, I couldn't make that up if I TRIED.

Big Boing is a bit of an oddity simply because of where she appears. Aside from that damned grin of hers (which, don't bother bitching to me about it, because I AGREE it looks friggin' creepy), she would fit in perfectly as a character in any fanservice anime- her breasts are gigantic, her clothing is meant to show it off, and she jiggles. A lot.

Which makes it incredibly insane that she actually appears in something that is NOT a fanservice anime. I think I went through this on the index page, but it bears repeating simply because I still refuse to believe what I found- she's a minor character from Konjiki no Gash Bell. Or Zatch Bell if you're dirty gaijin scum. What makes it all the MORE insane is that they play the fanservice angle to the HILT. Big Boing is actually part of a group of twelve American superheroes called the "Majestic Twelve"- and she has no powers whatsoever, except for the boing (I'm not kidding- her special, "Boing Chop", is just her whacking her breasts from above repeatedly, which admittedly DOES have the power to make everyone just turn and stare, unable to move). How the hell do the Japanese get AWAY with this stuff? It's probably for her totally nonsensical placement in this series that for this one alone, I shall write up a short bit detailing her role in the episodes she appears in.

You have a site fan named Margarito Diaz to thank for the idea for this gallery. Seeing what I saw, I could not pass this girl up on general principle.

Episode 49
The introduction to the Majestic Twelve, and thus Big Boing. You can probably tell that something's a bit up when the show takes the time to show that Big Boing doesn't quite fit in with the other eleven.

Episode 92 (Don't blame me for the timer in half the shots.)
I probably should have mentioned it earlier- the Majestic Twelve typically only appear when another character in the series, Professor Riddle, is on set. In case you're a fan of the series, I'm only going to say that they've enlisted the help of Folgore to help out with Riddle's depression. Big Boing does her best to play waitress to all involved.

Episode 111
Quite frankly, if you're a fan of the character, this episode is where Big Boing REALLY shines. If it weren't for a few plot points they try to plug in throughout the episode, Big Boing would TOTALLY dominate the episode. Why?

Not only does Big Boing get to sing a song about her breasts TWICE during the episode, and not only does she DANCE during both iterations (first time you get to hear her say a line that's not her trademark "Yeee-ayyy~", either), I kid you not- SHE ACTUALLY DEFEATS THREE CRIMINALS USING ONLY HER BREASTS AS AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON with only minor assistance from Gash, who's nowhere near Kiyomaru at the time. Okay, so the 'breasts as a weapon' thing I HAVE made up in the past.

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