Bakunyuu Oyako- We Give Up- What the Hell Does That Mean?

One of the things I've enjoyed about this site is that sometimes, people will send me stuff. Well, one of those things in my case turned out to be a CG set for something called 'Milk Junkie'. I guess explanation of the CG isn't needed. Well, a while later, I hear something about an hentai anime of the same CG set that apparently got released. So I start barfing around on a few trackers, but not to find this; it was a desperate battle to find that $%@#!! Gakuen Maria Bakunyuu Teachers anime. Okay. I think I might be wrong when I click 'Bakunyuu Oyako' and wonder what'll pop up. Look below.

See? Now you know.

Be forewarned though. The animation isn't that great if you go to check it out yourself, although it's better than G-cup Teacher Rei (although, what ISN'T?).



Group shots

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