You and I both need to feed our habits. I like anime and video games. We're all stereotypes here, so don't try to kid me, as I know you like what I do. So I'll give you locations where I like to buy things that don't involve spending $500 on gas to go across the street to the local stores. - Good Old Games
If you're more of a retro-PC-gamer type, and given how PC games have slowly become in recent years, I hardly blame you, why not give this place a visit? With plenty of games for sale at a maximum price point of $10 per, and with none of that DRM crap to boot, you have no excuse for not checking it out.
Though you're on your own attempting to find the dirty comics you're looking for, here's your chance to finally get your hands on them. Mind the shipping costs. They will make you cringe.
Yes, you know what it is. No, you probably don't know exactly how much old stuff you didn't know still EXISTED is obtainable.
A personal favorite of mine in recent years, in large part due to the sales they have running constantly. Even MY broke ass doesn't realize I have no money the instant I see "40% off" in regards to MANY items at once.
Robert's Anime Corner Store
This would be the place I went to for the longest time, and it's still pretty good. Check 'er out.

And you think I have money WHY? Take me back to the main page, you patronizing little shit.