Eiken- Big Breasts! Big Fanservice! I Love It!

Meet Chiharu!


Here's some .gifs of Chiharu.
Who knew that a slippery, flat surface could lead to such bouncing?
Squash, unsquash, squash, unsquash... She may as well just use her hands, that bra won't do it.

From Dave Watson:
The situation takes a turn for the worse. Can Chiharu bounce back?

From TygerStar:
It's a little-known fact that they DO make pasties that look JUST like real chocolate. And those puppies STICK.
Holy crap, they're attempting to consume his hands! Where's our anti-gelatin gun?!
What is, "Hentai Character OFF The Set", Alex?
Remember, it's only hidden behind those black things at the FYE once Chiharu's hips drop 18 inches.

Hmm... Chiharu's are big... Who could be bigger on the Eiken page?

She's almost too much. Main page.