Eiken- Big Breasts! Big Fanservice! I Love It!

Meet Kirika!


Courtesy of John Siscar, a cute animated Kirika .gif for you! (I did increase the size but your generosity is remembered)
You have to admit, Kirika has her moments where, as a character, she sucks. And sucks HARD.

New on December 11.

The fact that this DOESN'T just immediately yank her to the ground should make us wonder for damn strong she is.
Now I'm just being immature with her and the banana.
See previous statement.
They won't stop through any other means besides a direct hit from both top and bottom with a hydraulic press.

From Dave Watson:
Just the shot of Densuke in the beginning makes this look like a prelude to sadomasochism.
You have to admit, Kirika knows how to make an obvious strangulation attempt fun to watch.
The TRUE epitome of bouncy damage control.
Don't bother. They're superglued to her nipples.
Densuke- the boy with a neck of pure chromium.

From TygerStar:
Densuke will recover from this, but he's just never gonna regain the use of his legs. Damn that thoracic vertebra.
Just be glad that Kirika didn't manage to swallow Densuke's head this way.
This becomes vastly more effective when the enemy is pressed against something. Say, a floor.
Whereas this is pretty effective no matter where you do it.
Something's missing...
Super glue on Kirika's nipples? We will not stand for this tomfoolery!
My brother gave me a back injury doing this once. Had it been Kirika I would not have learned many new words that day.
Why must the only source of reliable potassium be so gosh-darn phallic? Oh wait...
It's Not Photoshop.
The word on the street is that it's cheaper than an SNK game's final stage.
It all goes to the boobs. Which is good because otherwise she would be a horror to behold.
Dude, they TOTALLY look like they're running. I mean it.
This is just ergonomically impossible. But I'll pay $50 to the person who leads me to a human who can do this.
They counteract. This is how Kirika refrains from being pulled like a bad runner's muscle.
Densuke, they need no kung fu. In fact it'd make them bounce more.
One .gif for the price of two. Wait, WHAT?

They'll eat me if I don't go back to the Eiken page!

Waugh, main page! The boobies scare me!