Eiken- Big Breasts! Big Fanservice! I Love It!

Meet Komoe!


I don't know what's scarier, that so many WANT .gifs of her, or that I made them.

Just kicking around by the pool...

From Dave Watson:
She's going to have one messed-up spinal cord once she hits puberty, you know.
Only a fool would dare to mess with a girl who can affect the foreground with her chest.

From TygerStar:
You'd think the knees would just GLOOMP right into those.
The deleted scene sees her falling in by mistake and using them as a floatation device.
Even Tomo has been known to be jealous of the sheer energy output of Komoe.
Well, everyone warned Komoe about why she shouldn't touch long, creamy rods.
She uses a crowbar to get it off. If Eiken had went to episode 3, we could watch that.

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