Eiken- Big Breasts! Big Fanservice! I Love It!

Meet the smaller girls, Lin and Yuriko!

Lin Grace (I give up! Pick whichever of the two you like!)

Yes, I made .gifs of Lin, mostly as a monument to my thunderingly disturbing horniness, and you'll know what I mean once you see the .gifs.
Everybody likes a popsicle. Lin likes them too much.
I should not find this hot.

From TygerStar:
Kinda like mine, except it truncates. That or Lin has the fastest neck in history.


From Dave Watson, a .gif...
Points for tryin', Yuriko.

From TygerStar:
Okay, now that's just rude.
It's WAY more comfortable than those blood pressure testers.
Can we say "entrapment", folks?

They look... human. That scares me. Back to the Eiken page.

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