Add breasts, subtract waist- you get THIS

So yeah, Equation of the Immoral is a hentai series. One that, by simple virtue of its name, is due to have a whole slew of stated jokes made in my commentary boxes. Be very afraid. I would like to say to those who would like to see this series, it gives you exactly what it promises. It's hentai. Lots of it. All with busty, busty girls. Some with parts that girls should not generally have (yeah, NOW you're glad I don't show the hentai, because I'd just have to show THAT to piss you all off, and people! It's not even censored!)

No, I don't know anything about the 'story' of this thing, so hence the filler up there. But if you came here hoping to read thought-provoking commentary about what amounts to nothing more than potent wank fodder, then... you're really unaware of how things work here.

Sayoko Seiki


Aiko Nogami


Everybody else, and group shots

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