I hate working and I don't particularly enjoy doing anything that has even the remotest of benefits to not-me. So instead of bettering myself, I waste endless time with the gaming. Here's some online games you'd probably get a kick out of.

You are Chibby Man #2,095,534. You will run around and beat the shit out of progressively less cute monsters. Marvel.
MapleSim's BannedStory
Technically not an actual game, but if you're a fan of Maple Story, you may dig this VERY Photoshop-like online program that lets you create strange situations using MapleStory characters and villains. I didn't know ANY version of MapleStory ever let you use a freaking CHAINSAW.
The Kingdom of Loathing
A Stickman Adventurer is You. A surprisingly EXTREMELY competently-made and well-crafted browser RPG is this. And check your bad grammar at the door. Kick the hell out of an Anime Smiley for me.
Imagine a sort of anime version of World of Warcraft and you're getting there. By all means, give it a try. Don't try to bitchslap a bear too early.

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