zOMG REI!!1!

Ah, mocking 'channers will NEVER grow old, but to quote Osaka, that ain't the issue at hand. People, you are talking to the one and only person who will ever admit to having downloaded this, and to keeping it. I have yet to fully grasp why I like it, but I guess I do. You know how I am about liking obscure things and things that tend to not get liked.

I suppose it's gotta be the artwork. I really think it's cute. And most everyone's agreed that Rei's attractive from the 'Ask Rei Anything' segment.

I suppose it's just the nonexistent animation that's turning people off, and understandably so. Ever seen, say, Sealab 2021 or Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Their animation quality absolutely STOMPS that of G-Cup Teacher Rei. Not kidding.

Oh, so we're clear, FIRST PERSON TO ASK ME TO TORRENT THIS GETS BANNED THE HELL OUT OF MY INBOX. (kidding... it's really a 'moot' point). I'm serious, though, download and ye shall REGRET, reader.

September 5, 2004 update (I started the HTML two weeks before this, so...): ...............

Don't get GTR-3. Period. You trust me. You always have.

Miss Rei herself




Kumite (?, can't tell)

Multi-target an' Randoms

What other G-cups we got here?