Remember, Cuteness is Khi

Well all right! Here's my first attempt to appeal to the hopeful influx of female viewers I'd like to have. You don't expect shows typically referred to as fanservice romps to have a total bishie boy in their ranks. Nonetheless, DearS DID pull it off with a minor character known as Khi (read the title to the gallery out loud until the pun takes, and that's how you pronounce it). The jury is still out about Xaki. So congratulations, ladies! Here's a man with two main jobs in the plot- "sheep" to the DearS community- a sort of diplomat used in negotiations and talks with humans or other races they may contact.

You are probably more into the second job- shy, totally submissive yaoi fodder. Get your pens out and fill in the blank, gals: Khi X ____________!

It's okay, Yuka Takeuchi Fan! I won't let the crazy boys kill you, assuming I'm a female reading this! If not, this just got really creepy, and either way, let's go back to the main page!