As Far As We Are Concerned, She Has No Name But Komachi. Okay?

I really don't feel like going into the entire story on that, but she has more names in front of her surname than a baby name book, so we'll stick to "Komachi", as stated. She's some sort of strange 'magical teacher' in the final episode of "Nurse Witch Komugi", which unfortunately stands out to me in no other way (if you don't also count Koyori). Personally, I felt the anime for the most part to be one of those that would've been a lot better had it decided what it was (in this show's case, it just wasn't interesting and/or had all the jokes miss the mark entirely UNLESS you made it to the Komugi vs. Baddie sequences). I could steer you away from the series all day, but I can't steer you away from its main two sellin' points in my eyes. And here's one of the two.

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