Who the hell is this!?

That's the likely question here. And the answer is 'Marilyn', cute babe who looks like she's having an asthma attack when she laughs. Through a fairly long series of unrelated events that starts with me getting into video games and ends with me downloading questionable content from WinMX, roughly three-fourths of the way through the sequence, I'd heard about a show called 'Soreyuke Marin-chan' through a random CG hunt. Interest is somewhat low, despite Marin being cute. C'mon, you REALLY think it's easy to get more info on an untranslated hentai series? Interest becomes turbocharged once I see a picture of a bunny-babe (who turns out to be the main bad guy, albeit not ALWAYS in this outfit you're gonna see a lot of) on the back of the third DVD's box online. I'm smart but as you can obviously tell, common sense is not among my few strengths, along with athletics, romanticism, and humor. Enter WinMX and roughly 55 days trying to download it. Decide if she was worth it. It's only taking YOU twenty seconds.

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