Mikan Kurenai Ep. 9 Special Attack!

There's a character in Grenadier that sort of straddles the line between primary and secondary character. Her name is, as you read above, Mikan Kurenai. She's one of your more energetic types, and I personally think she's fun to watch because of it (remember Tomo?). But the thing is, aside from a pretty awesome haircut, her young age causes her to not be, shall we say, fully developed yet (and by the way, off-topic, but if you expect me to believe that Rushuna is SIXTEEN, I expect you to sprout tentacles and eat them for sustenance) and thus would normally be unfit for typical gallery purposes on this site.

So I believed until I gave a look at episode 9.

Don't get your hopes up until the sequel series comes around (should it come around- the first person who asks me where they can find the currently-nonexistent sequel series will be hunted down and stabbed)- this outfit, and this seriously includes every bit of 'skin' below the neck, is something Mikan whipped up out of her ballooning expertise.

But if a normally totally-unsexy girl can make herself look like THIS and have it look mostly terribly believeable... Well, you know what happens!

You gotta get Rushuna on this thing SOMETIME. Until then, take me to the main page.