Forget this, I'LL be HER slave- Mitsuka Yoshimine

For reasons I don't understand, nor will ever understand, I've gained an exciting new disturbing fetish thanks to anime, teachers. But then, having seen a little of DearS and seeing this young lady do her thing (she makes Saori Shikijo from Mahoromatic look like Mahoro if you need a frame of reference for her behavior), huh. Maybe I'm justified.

Later, if I find anyone else in DearS worthy of gallery (which may well happen, surprisingly), you know where you'll find it.

Mitsuka Yoshimine

Plus some .gifs I found or was indirectly given.

She's certainly energetic.
Mini-Mitsuka, stop humping the melon bread!
Well well, two things drop, one thing rises, now doesn't it!

As punishment, I will go back to the main page with you.