Quick! The Mouse is Running Away!

TygerStar, how do we thank you enough for such giffy fun? With "Thanks". Here's some of the goodies he's sent the fans- mind you, you'll have to click the links to see the .gif animations- ever try to thumbnail an animated image? It is not pretty.

Aaagh, all the lights are blinding us! I... I see yellow globes...
The're even closer now...
Shake it, Kaiju Hazuki. Shake it good.
MOST girls would complain if cameras watched them change. Mei Momozono, however, says "BAH!"
Hazuki is VERY strategic with paw prints.
Sorata shows you how I would like to die.
Yayoi ensures it- you've got the touch.

Eek! Lay down the rat poison and let's run to the main page!