Random Musings

I'm quite aware that George Carlin does this kinda thing better than I ever will, but hey, I notice goofy things in life too.

Okay- I decided to give up trying to slap Random Musings days around so that they all fit into nice, neat Notepad documents. It stopped working after a while. So it is said, they shall be archived! Oh, and now the newest ones are bolded.

Well, time t' get cracking!
September 11, 2010- ¿Quién es tu papá y qué hace?
January 2007- "He Knows Not What He Writes"
January 2006- The Lost Years
August 15, 2005- "Whooooooooa, it's WHININ'"
June 12, 2005- It's a Bird, It's a Plane- Wait, It's Just Some Idiot Spouting Off His Brain Farts
March 31, 2005- If This Section Were A Fighting Move, It Could Possibly Be A Back Suplex
January 17, 2005- Losing Hope In The World, Twenty Or So Sentences At A Time
October 31, 2004- Freakin' boo
August 12, 2004- It's still Random
July 4, 2004- You Can Tell We're Starting To Reach Here
Some of the older Random Musings.
The oldest Random Musings I saw fit to HTML down.

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