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August 12, 2004

I wonder if Seiji Matsuyama (the guy responsible for Eiken) had seen 'Blue Eyes' and wondered how well it would sell if it wasn't hentai.

You have to wonder where all of these people who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for the purpose of speeding up their cars plan on actually testing their car speeds.

In a similar vein, wouldn't it be just as easy to buy a rockin' car, like a Porsche or something, rather than buy a piece of crap and spend roughly twice as much simply to match that performance?

It's ironic how your eyelashes are supposed to prevent stuff from getting in your eyes, yet all too often the stuff getting in your eyes ARE your eyelashes.

I just don't understand it. My artwork in art class (not on my site) was clearly sub-par stuff, yet for some reason, people liked it. No accounting for taste, I suppose.

It used to be, I never understood how or why the values of certain video games got so high (like Final Fantasy 3/6, Chrono Trigger...), but now that I have both games (and more...) and no Super Nintendo, I. Don't. Frigging. CARE.

Buy some 80s karate movies and watch them. You'll have fun.

You'd think that some TV channels would have more commercials in the rotation.

I once tried to make a fanservice song by writing new lyrics to the song 'We Didn't Start The Fire'. What's scariest about it was that although I gave up, I actually completed part of it.

Breakdancing, while cool, is not something I can do without looking like I'm trying to commit suicide painfully.

Doesn't it seem like rainfall always manages to fall just fast enough to fit exactly between two of your windshield wiper settings?

Why have I migrated from drawing normal anime girls to drawing mostly SD? I think it's mostly because it takes three minutes to draw one and you're actually SUPPOSED to mess up to an extent. And between you and me, you can still draw a cute, albeit tinier pair of breasts on them.

Tomo Takino is so flat, so why do I like her so much!?

Speaking of which, doesn't 'Tomo Takino' sound like a really simple tounge-twister?

Don't YOU sometimes wish you could throw people helluva far?

I sure wish I went to a school (or 'college', same diff) like the one in Slight Fever Syndrome.

It seems that when I play music, there's exactly two settings it can start at- 'inaudible' or 'deaf guy'.

Milk is a vital part of many wonderful foodstuffs and items.

I just felt like mentioning that 'Amazing Nurse Nanako' was mentioned during an episode of 'Conan O'Brien' a little while back.

Meijer root beer really sucks now.

I say that 4chan's 'moot' and Idlechan's 'Thock' are the same guy. If anyone can disprove this, feel free to.

Actual line fragment from the 'Girls Gone Wild' commercial I just saw- 'Girls getting naked just for you'. This would logically bring up the question- 'Just for you'? How few people are actually BUYING these stupid damn things? For a more accurate guess at the total viewer base of these asinine things, try 'Just for every idiot who has yet to realize that they don't have to throw out $30+ if they go to any random bar near a college and wait about 20 minutes'.

Am I the only one who thinks that nowadays, if you see any girl between the ages of 13-25, you have seen ALL the girls between the ages of 13-25?

They say that there's one PERFECT soul mate for every person. I think mine's on Neptune somewhere.

I can't stand the sight of stick-skinny women, yet they're somehow so damn popular these days. What the hell happened to the love of the big-busted, small-waisted, round-hipped figure? Oh yes, that's right, THEY ONLY EXIST IN ANIME NOW, WHICH IS WHY I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH!!

All neckwear minus these three things: the basic 'Kei or Yuri from Dirty Pair Flash'-styled choker, the Playboy Bunny bowtie, and the Yomiko Readman tie- looks friggin' STUPID.

I feel bad for Shinji Mimura and Yutaka Seto.

I find this funny. Eiken is GOING to get universally shitty reviews upon its release, but I know that it's going to sell, and it's going to sell very, very well.

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