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Never let a wannabe man contemplate. You get crap like this.

January 17, 2004

Anybody remember the days when FPS games took only four or five buttons to play, not counting the arrow keys? I miss those times.

Never ever fuck with DOS. It fights back.

Don't you HATE it when you become aware of your blinking? Blink... Blink... Double blink... Blink again...

It is a weird feeling, being able to finally successfully play a game that you have owned for twelve years. Extra insanity points if you found it from some random internet site.

Many people wonder what happens to them after they die. I wonder what was happening to me before I was born.

I went three weeks with a broken PS2 and STILL no withdrawal symptoms. I think I'm mentally ill now.

Someday, the girl that I hugged at Jafax 9 is going to figure out who I am, and she will proceed to find me and kick my ass.

Wanna do something fun? Fire up Transport Tycoon, fire up Winamp, center the camera on a bus as often as you can, and play any song from the 'Speed' soundtrack.

I just spent two hours playing Metal Gear Solid 3 and now, only when I plug in my new 'Shaun of the Dead' DVD does my PS2 start in with the 'parental control' warnings? Whaa?

I switch up snack chip addictions every four months. Y'know, just to keep things interesting.

Isn't it annoying when you can't eat another bite of your food- yet you really only do have one bite left?

Why does ANY object have the name or title that it has, really?

Real life would be cooler if it had boss fights.

Brainbuster really works, but only if you can lift about 150 pounds.

Why does human breath generally smell like poison when you first get up?

It looks silly seeing a short, skinny guy get 'pumped' from music.

I don't care what anybody says, Nermal from 'Garfield' has to be female.

I see on MSN lately- "10 things your teenage daughter won't tell you". I think, they narrowed it down THAT far from ten? Either that or these are some damn oblivious parental units.

Another thing that makes me question the 'girls love a sense of humor' bit. Damn near every stand-up comedian I've seen has had either several divorces or a GREAT number of relationships. I don't think that the female ends of these relationships are just wanting to spread the gift to every other girl.

It turns out that, in Maple Story, that 'bite me' is not an acceptable response to somebody who wrongfully accuses you of kill-stealing.

I don't see what all the rage about drinking when you're young is. It's entirely possible to be a useless slacker without spending $600 a month on booze. Look at me!

Give it up- give me more- give it now!

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