Random Musings

I sometimes despise writing comments. Like here!

January 1, 2006

Not only do I love the 80s, I friggin' MISS the 80s.

Admit it- not that you'd ever actually want to see it happen, but wouldn't you love to see the kick-ass fireball that would result from one of those huge cylinder fuel tanks exploding?

I like rice.

Of course prostitution's gonna be illegal; it helps losers like me get girls within a ten-foot radius, right?

Life needs bonus stages.

There is no deep mental funk that cannot be cured with a mixture of pizza and a favorite TV show and/or DVD. Watch me after I get this update written.

Medical science better come up with some way to get an Adam's apple removed.

Dreams were made to be crushed.

Kagura from Azumanga Daioh sure was cute, wasn't she?

I think that all males with bigger wangs than mine should have a running chainsaw ran up through their nuts all the way through the tops of their scalps.

Scrabble is a pretty fun game.

Admit it- whenever an elevator lurches upon start-up or upon reaching your floor, you freak out just the tiniest bit inside.

If I ever figure out which part of my brain controls sexual attraction, I'm having it surgically removed.

Next person who asks me where to find Milk Junkies will find their parents asking where to find their kid's disemboweled corpse.

Maple Story, to me, is on par with methamphetamines for addictive quality. Plus it doesn't make your house explode.

You ever had that sneaking suspicion that hentai games are drawn with the main artist's personagen in mind for the main male?

I think the only negative effect my site's ever had on me personally is the fact that the girl from the "Creepy Guy" part of the JAFAX 9 segment was able to track me down. Couldn't it have been the OTHER girl, the busty one, who tracked me down? Damn...

If only there were a way to be able to spontaneously polymorph between male and female.

I'm probably crazy.

If you can take one piece of knowledge home from Nintendo 64-era first-person-shooter games, let it be this. Take three gunshots to the face and you'll be all cool. Step into the outermost part of an explosion's blast radius and you will instantly be blown to pieces.

Non-hentai porn is now nothing more than a miserable pile of stereotypes.

People who make constant mention of their girlfriends piss me off.

Bitterness. It's a bitch.

Getcha head examined, Yuka Takeuchi Fan. I shall head back a page.

You somehow have failed to insult me, Yuka Takeuchi Fan! To the main page with me!