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July 1, 2004

Why I never intend on getting political on this site- Never mind the fact that I know less about politics than I do the location of Gakuen Maria Bakunyuu Teachers, I don't want to have a site where exactly half of the world loves it and exactly half wishes to see how I can walk without having either of my original legs.

I wonder if the CG artists I like so much used to, at one time, sucked even worse than I do at drawing.

Why is it that I can kick myself in the face with my left leg, but not my right?

Where do they find all these people who are willing to do voice work for hentai?

I was hoping to see a Tomo cosplayer at the anime convention. I really wanted to give the 'Well, look who's turned American on us' joke.

I'm glad that my buying of the Steel Angel Kurumi DVDs fell by the wayside after DVD number 2. Why? Because for some reason I will never, ever understand, I was just able to buy the box set of the entire series, including all of its sequel shows, for less than the combined cost of the two loose DVDs. And scarily, it wasn't even bootlegged.

Do not run on a pulled hamstring.

I will CHEER when I see the obituary for the inventor of the navel ring.

Stand-up comedy kicks ass.

I don't care what anybody says, I like Pop-tarts.

Since when did batteries get so blinkin' expensive?

Why is it that I don't mind work, but find LOOKING for work to be an absolute bitch?

Ultimate diet regimen follows. You burn 60 calories an hour by sitting still. 24 hours of that burns 1440 calories. Now, eat only one meal a day. You'll slowly lose weight by doing nothing. Take THAT, Atkins.

You have to wonder how ANY object in the world wound up with the name it got.

Both of my Super Nintendos are broken. Finally, I see what it's like to legally use ROMs.

Answer me this. How is it possible for Pachinko Sexy Reaction to run perfectly on my computer, yet Pac-Mania chugs like Saori Shikijo?

They make a low-carb version of EVERYTHING now. Am I the only one who thinks this started getting ridiculous ten months ago?

Me and television have sort of a reverse bell-curve thing going. I used to watch it constantly when I was little, then I started watching less and less, and only now that the cable system has new channels have I even turned it on for something beyond white noise.

To game designers everywhere: NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO PLAY GAMES ONLINE.

I must be the only fanboy who knows when to admit that the stuff I'm a fan of is less-than-decent or outright bad. Need an example? Meet the world's only G-cup Teacher Rei fan, who proves it by constantly warning people against downloading it.

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