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June 1, 2004

Why is the media so hell-bent on making men look as stupid as humanly possible?

I fall into that magical group of people that's too overqualified for menial jobs yet not qualified enough for the next step up.

Having tried to find work for three years running and only succeeding when a family member knew somebody, I'm starting to see how Karl Marx might've gotten his ideas.

Life would be easier on all of us if you could sell stuff like in RPGs. You know, sell for exactly half of what you bought the item for?

The phrase 'we'll keep your application on file', when translated from doublespeak, roughly reads 'you're not getting the job, buttwipe'.

On bar food- you know that the purpose of a bar is to provide people with a place to get drunk. See, when you're drunk, a lot of your senses deaden. Thus, when you're drunk, pretty much anything tastes good. I am 19. Connect the dots as to why I don't eat bar food.

Nobody will ever admit it out of a silent fear that he can find us and kick our ass, but let's not kid ourselves; we all laugh at how utterly ironic Mike Tyson's voice is.

Panic may only lead to bad things happening, but you have to admit that it's hilarious to watch others that do so.

Drinks change taste just a little depending on the material their containers come in.

The downside about conspiracy theories- you may end up giving the guys you think are in power more ideas.

There needs to be more arcade games that are controlled, in some manner, through punches.

I like eating hamburger buns by themselves.

Remember- occasionally, your parents decide it's time to flip your mattress.

World's Dumbest Invention: The helicopter ejection seat.

Admit it, Osaka's as huggable as a teddy bear.

I personally think that street racers are idiots, or at least the ones that fall into the stereotypes.

We all need to have health bars above our heads.

Which is worse, to be thirsty, or to actually drink the crappy city water to quench it?

I can't be certain, but I think that this desktop I have- apparently it was removed from an old school desk with all of the metal parts likewise removed- I believe that it is capable of deflecting bullets.

A game that had an underwhelming test run as "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Kindergarteners" would eventually be retooled and turned into an icon of the 1980s.

I wish Space Quest was still going on as a series. I have eagerly been awaiting the days where I could make Roger get incinerated to a bad MIDI version of the chorus to Disco Inferno.

With only a few exceptions, fame turns you into a complete lunatic.

Just because a joke's made in a different country than the one you live in doesn't automatically make it funnier. This holds doubly true for the unfortunate people who are reading THIS from other countries.

Violence may not be the answer to your problems, but damn if it doesn't make you feel better about your problems.

I had a bit of a sadistic side in me in 6th grade. This ancient computer program called PC Logo, I think it was, I was really good with. My computer teacher taught me it was possible to use the program to make the computer's PC speaker emit sounds. With this knowledge in my hands, if you DON'T think I immediately used it to make a full-length version of the Emergency Broadcast System, then you don't really know what I consider fun.

I was twice asked if I liked horny bunnies. I twice asked if they meant the girls in the fetish outfit I loved, or the lagomorphic animal that reproduces like a mutha.

Dude, where's my musings archive?

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