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Who knows why things are like they are- sometimes they just are.

October 31, 2004

Quicksand sucks.

I think Williams Street should buy the rights to G-Cup Teacher Rei and play with the footage to make a TV show.

Why is it, that when a bunch of people get into highly-powerful cars and drive at highly unsafe speeds within the confines of a walled-in track, it's called a redneck activity- but when the same situation occurs, with teenagers in the middle of city streets, it's considered the coolest damn thing ever by so many?

Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, fist to temple beats everything.

The guys at Nippon Ichi REALLY know their shit about SRPGs.

Doing a job is easy. Finding a job is a bitch.

I have to wonder, how does one class fit orientation day into a two-and-a-half-hour block of time?

Have YOU ever tried to make your own death scream like you get to hear in video games?

Explain to me- in great detail- how ANY human, regardless of mental state, be it natural, inebriation-based, or drug-induced, could find Paris Hilton the LEAST bit attractive!

Am I sick in the head, finding Cosette (version 2) and Komoe attractive?

I miss liking breasts without knowing why I liked them so much.

Being able to simply cuddle with a girl would make me so happy...

I want a college professor that looks like Miss Rei one of these semesters.

Trying to walk like Tommy Vercetti is fun.

'Hater' is the single most annoying word to be brought into existence.

Males are not meant to do the splits.

I still hold the male flexibility record in my old Junior High school.

Watching things explode ROCKS.

'Tomo'- person I really like. Anagram it, and you get a person that most of the free world cannot stand.

'Takino'- last name of person I really like. Switch two syllables and you get one of the bad guys in the Battle Royale movie.

It's very funny. I'm shy as hell around real girls, but staring at fictitious ones, I'm all about 'em.

Being lectured by your parents is sorta like an RPG with a bad story. You have minimal input as far as making stuff happen goes, and you're willing to say or do anything in order to make it shut up so you can go back to your game.

Let's not kid ourselves. The main reason most anime fans of any gender have no significant other is because it is seen as highly unwise to admit our love of anime to anybody.

I think I might become a teacher someday. I'm already used to being ignored by every kid I talk to while I'm trying to say something.

I want a girlfriend if ONLY because I want my parents off my ass.

More! Gimme more!

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