Another Busty Tachibana- Natsune

You have no friggin' clue who this is, do you? Ah... No matter. Not long ago (if January 31, 2004 can still be considered as such) I'd recalled a few pictures from my old Yahoo! groups that someone had posted a LONG time ago. I liked those pictures. I researched the character an' everything. While I didn't find much, it was enough to get me curious. It was enough to get me begging for stuff. And in another display of how the Internet beats real life, people actually listened to my begging.

So, it's with great pleasure that I give you another gallery- Natsune Tachibana from the 'Battle Team Lakers EX' game series. (It's also an anime but from what I hear it ain't mucha one (Wait and see if that stops me).

BIG thanks to J.G., Roger@Pyoko, Guy Eshel, and Rusty Marino for the pictures you see here. To think they got 'em together in FIVE DAYS after the request went out, hm?

I'll also give the credit for the idea to Roger@Pyoko as well; I never would've known about this girl otherwise.

Y'know, what the hell. Why not show you a few more of the characters?

I shall beg too! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lemme go back to the main page!!