Pachinko Sexy Reaction
An exercise in the practice of truth in advertising
I forgive you for making the last boss in 'Silk Worm' near-impossible, Sammy Corporation

Here's the scoop on this one. You may have flipped around the Kiwibonga Hosted Sites List. (back when it still existed... I'm pretty sure you didn't find your way to THIS site willingly) You probably will never notice it, mostly 'cause those sites no longer exist, but a couple of sites mentioned this very game. Just maybe in update lists and not much else (see why I say you'd prob'ly never notice?) I've come to think of it as kind of a running gag around these parts, so I'm gonna add my (unnecessarily large) part to it. Plus, I'm the only person I know of who's willin' to show off exactly what the art's all about. I've even got galleries below ya. Now, I know absolutely zero Japanese, so I had to wing it on a lot of the stuff I type describing it. Oh, and in addition to my image galleries, I've got some stupid articles I'll add to this section later on. (note to self: work faster on those idiot articles I planned on finishing) Just lettin' ya know...

Oh, perhaps I should mention this game has some topless people in it. As such, I did have to censor one or two pictures, but the gist of what's in the game is still there. Actually, I may've made this game sound bad 'in that way', but really, if you've seen just about any fanservice anime EVER, you know what you're getting into. And if you wanna play this game too, you better really really wanna play it, because it happens to be a twenty megabyte download. I have a dial-up modem, unlike most who seem to find their way to my site, and it was NOT a pleasant wait...

Since I know none of you plan on reading to the bottom of the page, I was given some information by some guy who wants to be anonymous about some of the characters, albeit with some of the names changed to fit what I know now:

"Yurika is the younger sister of Mifuyu, and Ayane is rich because she's the owner of the whole pachinko league-thing. I can read hiragana and katakana and that's about it...but when it shows Yurika before you play her stage it also shows Mifuyu and beside her it says "onee-san" in hiragana, which means older sister. Also, before you play Ayane's stage it literally says "owner" in katakana beside her. If you're a perfectionist, like me, I hope that helps."

And it does, thanks.

Also, 'Wagner' gave me a link to the official webpage of the guy who created the characters (Kotoyoshi Yumisuke). It's only one page of far more on this site, and I haven't flipped through it all yet, so exercise caution with what you click. On the page this link takes you to, however, only one thing to worry about and that's the top link (includes Mifuyu's leather corset, and well...)

(this's an ecchi game- what the hell do you EXPECT, boys? Idiot.)
Miruru Sugimoto
Reina Kazami
Mifuyu Tachibana
Age: 17
Measurements: 88-56-84
Age: 19
Measurements: 84-54-82
Age: 21
Measurements: 96-57-88
Miruru seems to be the most excitable of the three (her reaction when you're nearly ready to lose is great!) She seems to be relentlessly happy- I suspect either Japanese schoolgirl stereotypes, or amphetamines, you make the call. And a speakin' of the schoolgirls, she falls squarely into the 'Stereotyped Japanese Schoolgirl' category. Because dammit, you don't make hentai games and leave out the stereotyped Japanese schoolgirls. Here's a kicker for ya. This is the one girl (besides the bosses) who seems to LIKE it when you lose. ...Okay, given what happens to her the better you get, her attitude isn't what I'd call unreasonable. Hell, she punches your face several times as you go through her board (not yours literally, karate training not necessary), including one final assault on your face once you clear her board entirely. My guess is that the video game and anime parts of Japan have some PRET-TY lax reverse misogyny laws. Okay, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there who's seen 'Amazing Nurse Nanako'- remember how one character, named Satsuki, who I also absolutely adore, and I'm sure I've made a huge mistake saying that, mentions something about 'mature sexuality'? Well, I dunno why, but that phrase pops up in my brain repeatedly as I think of this girl. She's my favorite of the three selectable girls- if you know me, AT ALL, it's blatantly obvious why.
Miruru's image gallery
Reina's image gallery
Mifuyu's image gallery

Yurika Kimishima
Ayane Kimishima
Age: ??
Measurements: ??-??-??
Age: ??
Measurements: ??-??-??
Phenomenally bitchy, violent, flat (a true crime in a ecchi game!), and actually kinda ugly if you wanna know the truth. I think this is supposed to be a stereotype of most of the teenage girls you met in your typical American school that didn't like you very much (that liked you so little, in fact, that they literally kicked you out of the arcade if they kicked your ass at whatever you were unfortunate enough to be playing them at then). As far as I have been able to determine, NO ONE likes this girl. Once you get to her, you probably won't either. I don't think she really cares for you either, but at least she's actually kinda cute so you'll let it slide a little. I'm guessing she's Yurika's big sister or something. I'm also guessing she's got a lot of money (anime stereotype of people who dress like she usually does- you think she goes around in her underwear all the time?). This is the last girl you'll be going against, by the way. Have fun.
Yurika's image gallery
Ayane's image gallery

Fun Fact: Kotoyoshi Yumisuke also did the art for the Saber Marionette J manga. It makes no more sense on the main page.