Since I'm not big on categorizing things any more than I already have, here's the rest of the stuff I've been to and enjoyed. Maybe if I can be assed enough, I'll break 'em down into even more categories later.

That Guy With The Glasses
While largely known for the Nostalgia Critic reviews, where he remembers terrible movies of times long past so you don't have to, Doug Walker is no one-trick pony when it comes to humor. And he's got friends. Lots of them.
I have now ruined your life. Go on. Click that link. See if I'm wrong.
The Let's Play Archive
Once upon a time, I tried to write an article detailing a run through the original Civilization's SNES port, turning it into a bizarre story where I ran Japan. It turns out that I'm not the only person who's ever had that sort of idea regarding games both good and bad.
The Spoony Experiment
You know what? I'll let him explain it here. All you need to know for sure that when it comes to terrible video games, bizarre movies, and media that should not be, his pain is your gain.
BEING UPFRONT: A Pictorial Guide to Bodacious Women In Anime
Although the site is sadly pretty much dead, here the link stays. Simply put, for the longest time back in the early days of my site, this is where I came to get information I needed about new characters and series to watch for. This stays out of respect.
Because the Home of the Underdogs gave up. If you're looking for your abandonware fix, you're looking at a hell of a worthy successor to the legacy.
The end-all be-all of user-generated video game assistance sites, and should always be your first stop on the trail of making yourself suck less at video games. Do mind the fact that sometimes quality writing isn't a necessity. After all, I'VE got several FAQs there I've written.
HTML Goodies
I learned how to create basic web pages back in 9th grade, and I'm pretty sure that was in the year 2000. As you can tell, my skills have improved little in the following years. This was one of my favorite resources back in the day, though.
Newgrounds is probably my favorite Flash site on the internet. Games, movies and whatnot are all here for you to have fun with. Why not be proactive and engage in a little "quality control" while you're there? They give you the tools. This is probably not one of the better places to hit while other people are watching.
Zeroes Unlimited
Ah, one of the many stops on my journey to reach for a less half-assed site server. I believe this was step 4 or so in the story. Anyway, the site has been deader than a decapitation victim for ages, but nostalgia is a hell of a thing.
Back in the days where internet humor could be summed up in more than two keyboard commands and phrases that stopped being funny fifty million repetitions ago, we had people like this guy. The site may have grinded to a halt, but consider it history. History always WAS one of my favorite subjects. Not the best of sites to peruse around the young, bosses, and most parental units.
Something Awful
While I doubt I'll ever be able to totally forgive them for accidentally being the catalyst for quite possibly the single most annoying development on the internet that there will ever be, THIS PARTICULAR SITE is quite the amusing amalgamation of all kinds o' humor. Some of it's even of the "recognizability" variety. Generally a safe place to visit, but some things you just can't see coming.
Mocking all that we came to know and love back during our youths, more or less. At least that's most of what it is. It's hard to tell since I was three when the 80s ended. Also: Grown men and women having a pillow and fort war.
Homestar Runner
An online cartoon series that I've always liked. Don't forget to check out the games and the Strong Bad E-mails.
A man with quite possibly the strangest life there will ever be lets us know about the cracked-out life experiences he undergoes. Now explain to me why I have to live in some shitty podunk town where you hope for car accidents just so SOMETHING HAPPENS.
My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable
Political cartoons, office political cartoons, and the World's Most Messed Up Karate Dojo, all in clip-art format.
Those who like fansubs would do well to come here, as those who like torrents just as much will be able to download scads of them. Bring your DVD-Rs.
The Eiken Club
Play Keepie-Uppy with developments in Eiken. Since there are none in Japan, this is limited to news about the anime and manga and their American releases, but hey, that's pretty cool too, right?
My main host. He's the reason why this site isn't a constantly-overdrawn bandwidth nightmare on Geocities. Is he still around as of September 11, 2010? Who can say? Will people like the site better this new way?

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