Setsuna- Basically the Ebony to Rushuna's Ivory

Or the Riku to Rushuna's Sora if you need a SLIGHTLY more contemporary reference. (rollover the huge blank space with a deft quick-drag for a spoiler.) Luckily, bucking the trend of 'Hot Bad Guy Always Dies' that anime follows to the letter 99% of the time, Setsuna gets to live. Plus it's obvious she's no longer a bad guy. In any event, while I state that I DO like Rushuna quite a bit, Setsuna just gives off a vibe of utter badassness- almost Dante-esque (that's three video game references so far, two from the same game, boy I'm good)- that Rushuna couldn't hope to match. Plus, dude, lookit her. I also think that she looks a tiny bit like Kei from Dirty Pair (Flash in the face/body, more original in the hair). But that's my call. ...I SAID GO LOOK AT HER!

I'm going back to the main page, assuming the bad version isn't there in its place.