Slight Fever Syndrome- Disease Can Be Fun!

Funny stories behind this one. First: How I saw it the first time. It was a weekend where only me, my friend, and HIS friend were in my house. We'd went on a shopping trip, and my friend's friend was capable of buying hentai (age- AND money-wise). So he did. This was one of the two titles bought that day. (That and the other, Twisted Tales of Tokyo, are now both in my possession/ownership, lucky me). Second: How I obtained it on my own- Birthday present from friend. Third: Why you're seeing the gallery- damn lucky with the online. Oh, and since I could make it through the dub without barfing, I figured what the hell, I'll show you which names change to what.

Miss Mizuki / Miss Moore

Miss Tsuchiya / Miss Jones

Kazumi / Ginger

Mariko / Mary

Miss Takeuchi (laugh it up, people) / Miss Thomas

Group shots, miscellaneous characters

Special section: The Many Funny Faces of Miss Mizuki

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